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David A. Dozier, Artist

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"Self-portrait at age 47"
22 X 17 inches, oil on panel
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"In this world of toil and sin, your head grows bare, but not your chin."  Burma Shave

I am affiliated with Jadite Gallery in New York City, Cooper Gallery in Jersey City, the Visual Arts League in New Brunswick, and the Indianapolis Museum of Arts Alliance Gallery. My paintings have been exhibited in galleries and non-profit spaces in Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Puerto Rico, and throughout New Jersey.
I'm a past President of the Artist League of Central New Jersey, a founding member of the Visual Arts League of New Jersey, and have been featured in the Art Goes Public program of Middlesex County, demonstrating oil painting techniques in many public locations.
I studied Veil Painting with Ted Mahle at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. I was a long time student of oil painting and impressionist color studying with; Cedric Egeli at the Cape Cod School of Art, Richard V. Goetz, both privately and at The Art Students League of New York, and Richard Antholz at the National Academy in NYC. I credit Bill Weltman, the best drawing teacher in New York City, for helping me tremendously in learning to draw from imagination. Currently I'm teaching adults in the Arcturus, Rudolf Steiner Education Program and I am the high school fine arts instructor at the Chicago Waldorf School.
I have a Master's degree in Education from Antioch New England Graduate School, a Certificate in Waldorf Education from ANE GS, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (1976) from Layton School of Art and Design in Milwaukee , Wisconsin (now Milwaukee Institue of Art and Design).

The Chicago Waldorf School


Visual Arts League

Antioch NE Graduate School

Art Students' League of New York

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design