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David A. Dozier, Artist

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 At the Chicago Waldorf School, art classes are not an elective. Every high school student is required to attend 90 minutes of art classes, every day. Ninth Graders work in monochromatic media only in drawing classes. Color is reintroduced in the Tenth Grade with Veil Painting (or watercolor painting from imagination). Eleventh graders study the work of Turner and Monet, and work in oil paints in addition to watercolor and pastels. The Twelfth Graders study the human figure and portraiture and work in all media

Although it has a special place in Waldorf Schools, the slant line technique is not the only approach to drawing that's taught

Ninth Graders in the Waldorf School may be required to copy Albrecht Durers, Melancolia& I. "This engraving seems to mirror the conflict in young people in puberty and also reflects their striving to overcome them. They relate to the mood of melancholy and can identify themselves with the figure who has fallen out of the world (indicated by the wings) but who is not yet properly at home in the world in which it has acquired weight. Along with their newly acquired thinking they have lost the heavenly world of their childlike imagination. However, thinking contains the power to gradually reopen to the world." Drawing and Painting, Juneman and Weitman, p. 84.

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Melancolia & I

The Ninth Grader lives in a world of contrasts, 14 year olds often see the issues and events around them in terms of polarities; black and white, hot and cold, good and bad, and artwork done in black and white and monochromatic media from imagination can resonate with this age group.


black & white chalk on gray paper